25 August 2013   Metropolis M about Making Use at the Van Abbemuseum

23 August 2013   The Manual for Useful Art Launching at Whitechapel Gallery

22 June 2013   Making Use Dutch Art Institute at the Van Abbemuseum  with Interviews by Participants

28 November 2012   Dutch Art Institute ‘Public’ & ‘Private’ Program at Kunstvlaai

13 October 2012   The Mobile Art School Use Value and Future of the Art School

14 of May 2012   Raw Material Company and Dutch Art Institute Present Work In Progress/ Learning Pieces

12 February 2010   Old Mayfair Carpet Gallery, SOUTH TOWER SOCIAL

10 February 2010   The Glass Magazine On Old Mayfair Carpet Gallery

2 October 2009   LDN / BRU